Beginning Blog

Welcome to my first foray into the mind bogglingly huge world of projecting ones personality onto the vast sea of information, opinion and cat videos that is the internet!  With any luck my message in a bottle will press against the processors of a few lucky, (or unlucky depending whether once you’ve read this you feel the time spent was worth your while) passers by as they casually surf the net on their way to ride the next wave of YouTube haul videos, the latest sporting scandal, or to listen to a leaked recording of yet another One Direction album.

From this platform I will serve to you a monthly dish of content that has inspired, educated or moved me, amongst some general musings on my month and what’s on my mind. I’m a big audiophile and always on the look out for great new music of all shapes and sizes, so I’ll accompany each post with a playlist of what I’ve jamming out to each month.

It’s been a while that I have been considering starting a blog. As a reader of many print/online magazines and follower of many bloggers and vloggers on the internet, It’s always been in the back of my mind to open my own window to my mind and letting my thoughts and creativity run wild on the web.

So if your so inclined, be sure to check in at the beginning of April for my next post to join me on this experiment of my online sanity. Lets see how long I can procrastinate from making real world life decisions, and dedicate more time than an 18 year old studying A2’s  can really afford, to regularly post to a blog that will likely come to the attentioonly a few lost Googlers may stumble across and at best, pay very little attention to.


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