I Love Podcasts

It was about four years ago that I started really getting into listening to podcasts. It began with the Scott Mills Daily which was a recap of Scott’s drive-time radio 1 show. I would religiously download it every night and listen whilst completing homework, or play it just as I’m drifting off to sleep, which seems to be a thing using podcasts as a sleeping aid! I explored more radio shows podcasts, at first exclusively radio 1 with The Chris Moyles show and Greg James That’s What She Said podcast. As my  comedy tastes matured (by about twenty years evidently) I made the jump to radio 4’s comedy programs listening to the brilliant Infinite Monkey Cage, Just a Minute and The Unbelievable Truth to name a few. Safe to say I had become obsessed with listening to podcasts. It’s a habit which has resulted in my inability to contribute to film based banter among my friends, as I have spent so long listening to podcasts I have only seen about four films…ever.

I found the Wandering Wolf podcast whilst idly browsing the internet in-between the regular procrastination work phase. It is a weekly show who’s host is Yoni Wolf, lead singer of the band ‘Why?’. I’d never heard of them prior to this discovery but have become a huge fan of their music. I would attempt to describe it as alternative-indie-rap-that’s off the beaten track but it crosses many genres. It’s definitely not what you would hear in the mainstream and is defined by Yoni’s lyrical style which is what I really love about their music. I listen to Why? through Spotify but check out Anticon (their record label) on YouTube for more tracks www_podcast_web300hich aren’t available to stream. My personal favourites are ‘Waterlines’ and ‘Paper Hearts’ (Links below this post) from Youtube and on Spotify ‘Shag Carpet’ and ‘Peta Godfrey’.

At the centre of the podcast are stories told through the discussions that Yoni has with his guests: his family, new friends, old friends and music collaborators that he meets on his travels. Each week he has a guest(s) and discusses a range of personal topics which often go very deep and sometimes to quite dark places. Common themes within the podcasts are music, personal health, religion and spirituality, family and careers. There is something within every episode that will resonate with you as a listener. You travel with Yoni through every episode through life and I feel as though I have developed an intimate relationship with him through his discussions and introspection. He is someone I look up to as an individual with his passion for music and his career, his appreciation of the world, his desire to learn and to find his own way through life.

The Wandering Wolf podcast has become a part of my daily

routine and has helped me to develop as a person. I have been working my way through the catalogue of episodes available on Soundcloud and Apple podcasts. It provides a brief escape, a pause to collect my own thoughts and asses my values and my situation to be a positive influence on this world and to those around me.

Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think of the podcast. I am always grateful for the time you take to read these posts on this humble blog.

Keep wandering.

Find the podcast here – http://whywithaquestionmark.com

Waterlines – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umLN15HWwpA&index=19&list=PL4D5B93E85AB478B5

Paper Hearts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5SjkthmKiI&index=20&list=PL4D5B93E85AB478B5


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