School and cycling to the Ashes

March was a pretty busy month for me. I’m definitely glad that I’ve come out the other side having weathered the storm. The relentless pressure of coursework deadlines, AS biology retakes and general study mayhem to get my notes together in order for revision in the easter break.  It’s a relief to have a brief (and certainly well earned) pause for breathe before diving head first into sea of class notes and textbooks to start it all again.

With the business end of the school year closer than I dare to think about too much…it has been equally important for me in order to keep my sanity, to make sure that I am using my time away from study effectively. A friend and I have begun dragging our weary selves outside into the fresh spring air to go for runs somewhat consistently. Since I had stopped playing competitive hockey in January, I have let myself become embarrassingly unfit. It’s a good excuse to get out the house and away from all the distractions of home and release some of the tension in my body.

I have also rediscovered the peace and emotional fulfilment in being lost in a good book. In anticipation of my summer travel plans across Europe, I have been captivated by another cross country/continental traveller of the two wheeled variety. I would highly recommend ‘Oli Broom: cycling to the Ashes’ a good read for any cricket lover as well as aspiring travellers. I feel as if I have joined Oli in tandem in his journey to Brisbane, taking in the sights, the smells, the stories of his expedition. What was most inspiring about Oli’s experience for me, is the warmth with which the local peoples of his travels welcomed him into their countries, into their culture and into their families. Discovering and sharing his passion for his expedition, and their willingness to engage with a mad English stranger on an adventure championing a sport for which they may be alien to.

Personally it left me reflecting on whether I would welcome travellers, strangers, wanderers off the beaten path, with the warmth and kind hearted embrace of which Oli was. I believe it’s an important thought in todays increasingly individualist and socially suspicious society which sadly seems to be the norm. Although this may be the case, we must not forget to show welcome spirit to those close to us in our lives and those new that we meet on our journeys.

I’d love to hear what books you have been reading and the message or thoughts it has left with you.

This months playlist has some downtempo electronic tracks that have helped me unwind at the end of hard days work, as well as a couple of beats to pick me back up again for the next book-load of work!

Ninja – Banoffee

Spirit Fade- Kwabs

1000 – Ben Khan

Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz

Seeya – deadmau5

The Race For Space – Public Service Broadcating

The Very Edge Of Its Flame – Benoît Pioulard

Providence – Foals

Oya – Ibeyi

The Glow (feat. Kimbra) – Big Data

Alaska – Josh Record


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