Shooting Film

It was the first properly hot day since we have moved down to Cornwall, and after dropping my brother off at the airport to fly back for his school prom me, my dad headed into Newquay to get a feel for the place. We parked up and navigated our way through the high street to the view of the beach, and what I can only describe as the most incredibly situated house I have ever seen. It is nestled on the top of a rock towering from the beach which can only be accessed via a magnificent pedestrian drawbridge traversing the gap left with the mainland. It is crazy to think someone actually lives there, an extraordinary life it must be. house-in-the-sea-traveller-13aug13-unique-home-stays_b_1080x720

 Admiring this view I enjoyed my maiden pasty as a Cornwall resident. The food options were dominated by various restaurant franchises but I insisted we supported the local trade. We settled on a humble family run shop on a street corner for a reasonably priced lamb and mint pasty and cappuccino. I would imagine its difficult to find a bad pasty in Cornwall and this was no exception.

I would have made my way back to Truro a happy man at this point, but as we made our way back past the shops to the motor my eyes were distracted by a gleaming lens of a charity shop window. As I was to discover it was the lens of a Pentax ME Super film camera just chilling in the window display…for £25. I knew nothing about shooting film but I couldn’t resist the retro look and feel of the Pentax! I bought it and as luck would have it stumbled across a Kodak centre a few blocks down and after a brief tutorial from someone who knew a great deal more about film than I did, was loaded up with twenty four exposures. Safe to say probably the best purchase I have made this year.

It’s not hard to find a good place to capture images in somewhere as photogenic as Cornwall, and I was getting my first roll developed within a week…of which 12 were of any displayable quality. But it’s a learning process right? To quote Henri Cartier-Bresson “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I think I better find a job if I want to get better as this is going to be expensive! On the whole I love the grainy look of the images and the colours the Pentax produces. It’s still going strong despite having been made some thirty-eight or so years ago! I’ve posted a couple of the images on my Tumblr which you can find at

Does anyone of you there shoot film photography? I would love to check out any blogs or websites of your work feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Now I would normally sign off for next month to conclude this post, however as I have more time to dedicate to this blog I’m going to start posting more content. I’ll continue these monthly summary posts including my monthly Spotify playlist. To develop my quality of writing and because I really enjoy the writing/blogging process, I’ll be posting content here two or three times a week about current affairs, any interesting experiences I encounter or something that catches my eye in the media. If that interests you be sure to follow my Tumblr at the link above to be the first to know when I upload a new post.

Bus Talk (Interlude) – Paolo Nutini

First Fires – Bonobo, Grey Reverend

Worry – Jack Garratt

Fury – Muse

Crushed Bones – Why?

Higher Love – James Vincent McMorrow

Guuurl – Lapalux

Flicker _ TCTS Remix – Shivum Sharma

Rhinestone Eyes – Gorillaz

Rivers – Bipolar Sunshine


4 thoughts on “Shooting Film”

  1. Congrats on your purchase, Pentax lenses are fantastic and I love the cameras as well, but especially the Spotmatics like in your picture, a bit older than your ME Super.

    I’ve never been to Britain so I don’t know all the wonderful combinations pasties come in but lamb/mint sounds wonderful and I might have to try making some 🙂

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    1. Hi Joe, I’m really enjoying the Pentax still getting used to adjusting exposures and shutter speeds all the technical stuff. Definitely give pasties a go, I’d recommend lamb and mint as a good starting point!

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  2. Film photography is great! My photos are shot on film 90% of the time. Eventually, try to develop your own film. It’s incredibly easy! Pentax cameras are excellent. I have a Spotmatic and a K1000 SE. They both are workhorses!

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    1. Hi rodolfobolanos, I love shooting film the organic nature of tinkering with exposures and the grainy effect. I’d love to learn to develop my own film! Sounds like I got lucky stumbling across a Pentax brand camera that day!

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