The Drones Are Coming

There are many things I can look forward to in this month of June. Firstly the end of my exams, which also benefits to you reader, in terms of the quality and content of these blogs improving! Also I am attending my ever first wedding, requiring the purchase of a suit with suitable fabric dexterity for some drunken dance floor antics I will live to regret. There is also the small matter that I am moving residence to Truro Cornwall. Actually, lets talk about that a bit more.

I currently live in the sleepy town of Buntingford in sub-rural Hertfordshire, and have done all of my life. In fact I am the third generation of my family to live in this house. My immediate and extended family have contributed in varying degrees towards the history of Buntingford too, with my Granddad on my mum’s side previously owning one of the towns many pubs for a number of years. He proceeded to found the towns cricket club in 1980 which fields two Saturday league teams and an occasional Sunday friendly team, both of which I have grown playing for since a young age. There is also the unmistakable Jack Poulton and sons Ltd building materials skip bags outside many residences in need various gravels or just a clear-out. They have been trading for over 100 years of Buntingford’s history.

Alas my parents have taken the decision to make their dream move to the west country with the mentality that if they don’t go now then when will they ever make the move? I say fair enough! If all goes well and I manage to scrape some half decent A-level grades I’ll have myself a neat holiday home to enjoy on breaks from Uni! Although I can’t yet surf, and I’ve been made aware they don’t actually let you into Cornwall if you can’t convincingly balance on a floating platform on the sea…I’ll have to work on that.

However exciting or scary or frankly massive this may sound (those are the adjectives that are ringing in my mind anyway), there is one other event that will most definitely surpass it. On June 8th Muse are releasing their seventh studio album Drones, and I think its kind of a big deal. From the singles they have released so far I reckon it’s going to live up to the self proclaimed expectation of being one of their best.

That is a tall statement to stand by considering the outstanding global success they have seen from previous albums. Initially I was sceptical about the sound they were going for, having discovered the band in their most recent albums ‘The Resistance’ and ‘The 2nd Law’. Despite this, with a few more repeats of the pre-release singles to complement some revision, I’m pretty pumped for it. I’ll be first in line for live stadium tour tickets which I think will be where this album will really come into its own, especially with the planned theatrics and fireworks that have given Muse their reputation as one of the best live shows.

Thanks again for lending me your minds this month. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the Drones if that’s your vibe. I’ll be back next month typing from the west country with a pasty and Thatchers at my side! Love it.

Here’s what I’ll listening to in-between Muse on repeat.

Infinite Canyons – Miami Horror


Temple – Island Kizhi

Sod In The Seed – Why?

First Mark – Lil Silva

War Drums – SBTRKT

Furthest Thing – Drake

Cucurucu – Nick Mulvey

Mercy – Muse

Bloom – ODESZA


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