My Dream Living Space (a Sims Obsession Confession)

Throwback to school year nine (so around age fourteen)  to a number of months where me and my iPad became inseperable. Previously I had gone through a probably unhealthy obsession with Animal Crossing Wild World on my stormtrooper white DSi. I would sit for hours bimbling around digging for fossils, bobbing along the beach catching Red Snappers, and arranging then rearragning my furniture around my humble abode to make it the perfect little virtual home. However with the upgrade in screen real estate and app game catalogue with an iPad, came an introduction to the gold standard of the virtual world lifestyle. Sims.

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was inquisitive as to whether all the hype that Sims had accumulated over the years by teens and adults alike was truely deserved. I mean why would you want to go to the park as a miniture representation of yourself sitting from the comfort of your own living room? What’s wrong with actually getting up and metabolising some of that ATP from your bacon butty at breakfast to wander to the real park and sit on a real bench with your real friends? Ahhh wait a second…and I clocked I had actually answered my own question. *From the comfort of your own living room*. Much to my parents dissapointment (and probably with regret at their purchase decision) I now had no reasonable excuse to leave the chaise sat snug in the conservatory within the sanctuary of my home WiFi connection. At least I could see the outside world so that’s nearly the same as being in it right?

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 18.13.17
Caught red handed – 2012

I really did become heavly invested in the pixelated world of my own creation. I would spend considerable time meticulously designing  the interior of each dwelling. How would the space best represent each character’s personality, their hobbies, or best compliment their careers? No detail was too small or insignificant to be simply tapped into empty space without careful thought and consideration. Symmetry was incredibly important too. If I had been blessed with complete control (and adequate simoleon bank balance) to make each house perfectly aesthetically equal, then it would be a henous crime to abuse such power to create an ugly lopsided hell house! Don’t worry I can hear you my fellow OCD Sim playing bretheran nodding with relatability. Yes, it was a duty to ourselves to create the perfectly proportioned online neighbourhood, which sadly is so painfuly hard to achieve under realities limitations of planning permission, irritating neighbours and not having any actual architectural qualifications. Ahh these were good times. Good reclusive times. I regret nothing.

These memories came flooding back to me while watching a Youtube video this morning by a young women named Hannah Witton. She was sharing her unique experience of living in a warehouse in London refurbished and repurposed into shared accomadation. She answered questions from twitter about her experience in this unconventional living situation and although it had its compramises, it appears to be a fun, social and cost effective means of having the opportunity to live in the big city. Check the link below for the video, I’d love to know what you think of potentialy living in warehouse. Sounds like all the best  parts of living in halls minus the grimey carpets and cheap furniture!

Hannah Witton’s video – Living in a Warehouse In London

I’m not sure where I’ll be living after I’ve graduated from university. I’d like to travel some more before settling down. There is also the interesting and tempting thought of going on to postgraduate studies of a phd in psychology. I can’t imagine moving back in with my parents (no offence mum and dad) now I’ve tasted the life of independance and not having any cares about the mounting pile of socks in the corner of my room. I love to spend hours listing all the different features and qwerks my dream house/flat/studio would have to make it a perfect compliment to my ideal lifestyle. Then I thought, hey that would make a good blog feature! You’ve come this far so you might as well here me out.

The most likely place I could see myself in the next five years or so would be a studio flat hopefully inside a fun interesting city or in close commuting distance to the city centre. I love small spaces that are utilised to their full potential, making the most of each nook and cranny so theres no dead space that hasn’t been revised into a clever storage solution or architectural utility. The idea of a vast mansion with rooms in double figures and more bathrooms than occupants really does not appeal to me. Its difficult not to accumulate swathes of ‘stuff’ in this age of mass material consumerism, a simpler more minimilist existance taking care to use renewable and recycled products to help the planet sounds like a better goal to aim for. My dream house would contain second hand furnitures found in thrift stores of the sort that young twenty somethings dressed like cool art teachers would shop in. I like the idea of owning something that an old carpetner in his/her shed back in the day put their effort into building something they could be proud of, as opposed to factory produced flatpack shipped in its millions with no character or story.

Dwelle is a company innovating in beautiful custom built to order small spaces 

My inspiration has come from many different sources. Cabin Porn, a blog turned published book about yes you guessed it, cabins (no porn – unless you’ve got a thing for wood…I am truly hilarious). HUH magazine and Wired magazine who often have features on unique and innovated architectural and design projects. Furthermore the many interior design Tumblr blogs I folllow, and a special shout out to Kevin McCloud for Grand Designs. So here goes nothing. My dream studio…



The second most important space to sleeping is where we prepare our munch. My dream kitchen would be open plan looking out onto the main living area. I’m a sucker for the modern trend toward open communal living spaces. There would be an island/breakfast bar perfect for a coffee and a sammich at lunch. I love hanging things, so to save cupboard space the pots and pans would live in the sky on a rail. A tasteful rail mind.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 16.52.23
Or prehaps a pots and pans chandelier?

A gas hob is non negotiable (I can’t explain it but electric confuses me) also theres something that satifies my Freudian id about actually using fire to cook my veggies and fake meats. I’d keep the units a simple clean white or sandstone colour but contrast them with pretty coloured under-unit lights with the bundle sort of lighting you put on your christmas tree lining the top draped over the cupboards to set the mood for cute jazz themed nights in with a glass of white vin.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 15.24.20
I can imagine many coffees enjoyed here on a morning







Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 15.25.20
A bench rather than a dining table gets a yes from me



Seating arrangements would consist of some simple sofas which can easily be folded out into beds for those spontaneous sleepovers when everyone is a bit too wine-drunk to be bothered to walk home. These would be complimented by some bigass beanbags perfect for slobbing out on after a long day poking brains to catch up on blog reading, Youtube watching and podcast listening. There would be a bookcase nestled to one side to provide a home to all me literatures I actually read…and then the other ones that everyone buys just to make you look more cultured and interesting. It is a well known fact (that I have made up but is probably true) that 80% of all complete works of Shakespeare copies in peoples bookcases and never been opened, let alone read cover to cover. Anyway you get what I mean. A log burning stove would keep the house warm and cosy in the winter months.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.27.12
Books, plants and precious nick-nacks would live here

As you may have gathered from previous posts I’m a big audiofile. Music is a huge part of my daily routine. An adequately awesome sound system (my tech nerd side coming out) with a record player beside a stylish means of displaying my collection would take pride of place the living room. A shrine to Muse, Milo, Why? and DeathGrips.

In my current house we use an old rustic looking chest as coffee table from my great Grandad’s old house. Something like that to fill with books, magazines and board games would create the entertainment chest of destiny to make fun of any evening with guests!

The room would come to life with artwork inspired by music album art, framed posters of gaming prints or prints of my own photography (hopefully I would have taken some better pictures by this time worthy of wall hanging). A cool thought that came to me art-wise was the idea of a digital photoframe that instead of displaying photos, plays through a playlist of different Gifs I have chosen changing each day. Now dont tell me that’s a sick idea that your not going to steal for your dream house too! Your welcome. Here are some examples of some Gifs that would look cool imo:




Finally there would be many plants adorning the floors and walls to give life to the corners of the room. We had large fern type tree situations in the conservatory of our old house and I loved it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 15.15.46
You can’t go wrong with cacti
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 15.14.26
A touch of tropicality


The bedroom is where I would experiment quite a bit. Bedrooms could have so many different uses on top of just being where you crash at the end of the day. Therefor during the day I would install a bed that I could fold away after I have finished being lazy into a desk for working and blogging! A two-in-one office and a bedroom created using a couple of clever folds and hinges.

Something like this!

Hopefully since the desk will be part of my bed some of the previous nights dreams will stay stored within the frame, and they can diffuse up through the desk into my body and brain as a source of inspiration for more blogs *in theory*.

An incredibly good boy

The bedroom would have a large window looking out onto the city or a garden letting lots of natural light illuminate the room. There would be a tasteful rug where the doggo can lay and enjoy the warmth of the sun spot on a summers day. An upper shelving level would hold my clothing and shoes – because I don’t have time to open wardrobe doors in my busy hypothesised lifestyle. The wall would be decorared with a ‘clothesline’ of polaroids or printed pictures taken from travels, time spent with friends and loved ones, a sweet way to display memories to be reminded of good times. Finally the dream chambre setup would be complete with an en suite walk in shower room with pretty marbley type flooring.


– A.O.B –

To finish here are some other little touches that would complete my true home from heaven:

  • Freestanding coat hanger – underrated and a shame they have become less common replaced by cloakrooms or hook wall mounted methods
  • If there was a balcony I would grow some veggies next to a hammock – for  relaxing suspended zen powernaps
  • Every room would contain a scented insence stick ready for spiritual smelly vibes
This happy pooch is me in my hammock in the future

So 1,906 words later there you have it! That would be my dream house-home-studio-apartment. My tastes may change between now and when this could actually materialise but writing this post has got me really excited thinking about it! Now the hard part comes to try and resist not downloading Sims again…Yeah that’s a bad idea I wont do that! If you like I’d love to hear what you think of my choices, leave a lil comment with what your dream house would look like.

Thanks for enduring another one of me blogmans, I’ll be back soon.





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