The Most Incredible Cornish Views

Yesterday began as each day has done this past week – steadily.

Starting with my tired overslept corpse sliding out of bed way later than a man with a to-do list as long as mine should, just in time for lunchfast. Actually, I’m going to conduct a quick poll here, because I’ve been getting plenty of stick from flatmates and friends about a cereal habit of mine. Can I have a show of hands for whether you agree that having yoghurt with cereal – the cereal in question being wheatabix – as opposed to milk does not mean I am the Satan of early morning cuisine routines. When I first reveal this fact about myself to others they react with horror, grabbing the nearest carton of semi-skimmed cow tit lubricant whilst leaping towards me in an attempt to force pour it into my bowl against my will. I have to bat these nay yoghurt sayers away with any available spoon resources as I back out of the kitchen at a loss as to how things escalated so quickly. Please someone confirm if this is a normal reaction?

Luckily breakfast was no such faff today. Belly full and nursing a soya builders brew I worked my way through the Ben Browns, Casey Neistats and Hannah Harts in my Youtube sub box. Who said finishing university and being between jobs was tough? The main task of the day was a phone call meeting with my IBM mentor to round off the end of my mentoring scheme. This had involved working with a third year student placement IBM-logoemployee of IBM in Portsmouth with whom I had various meetings concerning various businessey things. She helped me build a strong CV, improve my presentation skills for a unit of my uni course, whilst also discovering what on earth IBM actually does as a business! (They buy and sell loads of software and technology services like the cloud and Watson AI, too much to explain in this blog post, very cool though).
It all started with an email that popped up in my inbox that I decided to take a chance on. I followed it answering the usual *When did you display such and such qualities* on the application throwing in a bit of IBM company research (International Business Machines in case you’re wondering) and presto I was fully on a mentor scheme that has put my foot in the door for a placement year and possibly post-graduate employment. I suppose it’s a good example of how taking a chance on opportunities that come your way can open so many doors for you in the future!

The call was all wrapped up by 2:30pm. Next on the list was to apply for the chance to review the new OnePlus 3 phone pre-official launch. “Yeah so what?” you may be thinking, but to a big tech Nerdman Jones like me this was next level! Eight hundred and fifty words later I was amped with my effort. Hopefully I can make it two from two on the take a chance and trust in your ability chart!

Last on the list was to complete the Ratchet and Clank reboot on PS4. This game has been tormenting me relentlessly from back here in Cornwall whilst I was stuck in the
revision cave in Portsmouth during my exam season. The excitement I felt on the car journey home waiting to get my thumbs stuck into the strafing bolt hording madness made the Bodmin roadworks just about worth bearing…but only just, because they are disgusting. Full review to come soon so stay tuned my lombax franchise friends.




No sooner than I had bossed the boss battle on only the third try ( 😏), the old people suggested we head down to the Watering Hole on the beach for some bevs and a sunset. I said yes and that’s what we did.

2016-06-04 12.14.20 1.jpg
Perran Rock – as it shall now be known


I havent seen anything as beautiful as the sunset that evening in a very long time. We arrived at around six, giving us a comfortable three hours to enjoy watching the spectacle of the life giving ball of fire in the sky slowly sink into the North Atlantic. Perranporth is small town on the north coast of Cornwall with a beach spanning three miles that gets packed with sun burnt northeners during holiday season. Its our favourite spot in the county so far (during off-peak people time) partially thanks to the ingenious placement of the bar on the beach.

The aptly named Watering Hole

After couple of hooches and a rocky road down the hatch, me and Connor set off on an Instagram mission to summit the flagged rock that sits in amongst the sands just off of

connor on rock crop (1 of 1).jpg
Connor being a good model

Droskyn Point. It was golden hour for photography. The light at dusk was a perfect canvas of contrasty shadows silhouetting the rocks, glowing burnt oranges that light up the subject and the perfect pinks, yellows and blues of the sky floating above the horizon.

connor on rock (1 of 1)
Connor being a good model 2








The sun turned a magnificent bright red as it fell closer to the ocean. Me and Connor sat atop ‘Perran Rock’ as I shall now call it, peacefully admiring the view. The majority of the holiday makers had made their way home, leaving the beach to be enjoyed by a handfull of us and other dedicated sunset appreciators Snapchatting to make them the envy of their friends from landlocked counties. The Pentax will definetly be given an outing on our next to Perranporth on an evening. This is certainly the first of many evening beach missions I hope to enjoy during my brief return to Cornwall before I jet off to Uganda in July. Be sure you head out around your local area and enjoy nature and its beauty. Don’t miss out, ’tis the perfect season for it!


sunset cliffs (1 of 1).jpg
This picture was the closet I could come to portraying the stunning scenery as it looked to the naked eye




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