Some Words From A Waterstones

The clinking of china. The rustling of rainjackets. The hum of the expresso machine. The crunch of toasted hullumi flatbread. Young chums chatting and laughing on their lunch breaks. Elderly couples content in their seperate company completing crosswords and perusing newspapers in peace over an Amricano. The cries of a disturbed infant, luckily at a distance towards the other end of the café. And then there is me amongst my fellow single café comrades positioned around the perimeter of the café. We sip as we tap at our phones tuning in and out of the sounds, smells, sights that surrond us in the bookshop coffee community. 

Being Billy no mates and tragically unemployed, I find myself with the precious privalege of having lots of spare time to fill with whatever I please. It’s a stark departure from the structured timetable of uni work that has saturated the last three months of my year. It’s been difficult to adjust to not having my closest friends a mere 3ft from my bedroom door or a five minute walk across Guildhall sqaure back in halls. On the other hand I am badgering my pals over Whatsapp and Snapchat to show me some love. They’reall willing to entertain me…most of the time! I cannot imagine a world from the not too distant past where friend’s and lover’s primary means of communication was via a bloke with a red bag and a van (or a brave pigeon). It was probably more romantic spending an hour pouring over a handwritten letter, when compared to constantly distracting one another with Dat boi and Spongegar memes every five minutes nowdays. But I digress. 

My escape from cronic cabin fever holed up home alone has been to bolt on the park and ride into Truro town to the Watersones Costa, which has become my new favourite midday getaway since I’ve moved to these parts. I thought I’d look like a loser taking myself out for a cuppucino on me tod. This probably has roots in my general anxiety about being judged by strangers on silly things such as my clothes, the way I walk, or just general conduct when I’m out alone. However I’m gradually trying to learn to be comfortable with myself and regain pleasure from being in my own company, whatever I’m doing, wherever I am, whatever I’m wearing. That’s why I enjoy the coffee shop vibes. You can blend in amongst the rustling of pages and morning meetings in a chill caffeine fueled social setting. I always go for a small soy Americano, the cheapst option yes but it’s a toss up between that or having a flat white and no rabies vaccine monies to shield from the bitey McBitefaces we may encounter on the African plains (#UgandaJoshhBlogs #Hype). On the other hand, the budget can always become more flexible if I’m feeling peckish for a choco brownie. Costa do THE BEST brownies. So soft…mmmm. It’s also an inspiring place to tap away at blogpost drafts or brainstorm post ideas as I catch up on browsing the latest content from blogs I follow myself. I just love this little spot.

Sidenote – not that I reckon I’m the centre of the universe or anything, but everytime I’ve come here so far it’s been raining, and once I leave after about an hour or so the sun has come out and the town is looking bright again. I reckon I’ve found a bug in the universe and now feel obliged to continue this Costa routine to save the Truro populace from soggy shopping sprees.

Drop a comment with you like to go to treat yourself to some me-time, we can all connect vacariously through this blog post from our safe spots! Stay tuned for more Americano inspired posts.


Wearing My Coffee Shop Look

2 thoughts on “Some Words From A Waterstones”

  1. I simply love your style and the description of the coffee shop too; I often like to muse and write up similar thoughts when sat in one! I shall certainly stay tuned. SS

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