Day 1 – Flying Out – Uganda In Pictures

Welcome to Uganda (through the medium of picture through my blog!) We touched down in Entebbe yesterday and spent today doing admin things in prep for our mega cross country tour! I thought the best way to document our trip would be via annotated pictures from our day. This way I can quickly update you on proceedings live in the Ugandan bush! Welcome to our Africa trip 🌍

Day 1 Hours In Airports

Look how happy we are boarding our first flight to Dubai. Fair to say i could think of worse ways to spend 7 hours thousands of feet in the sky. Flying Emirates is not short of luxury! We were seated to the back of the plane in the “ground floor” (which is weird to say about a plane) in a double decker Boeing aircraft. We had tele boxes in the seats with films, music, TV shows and access to live cameras outside the plane. Couple that with hot & cold towels available for wipige and blankets for sleeping. As comfortable as you could be an airial bog roll tube.

For vegetarian food out of a box on a plane this weren’t half bad. Chick peas, three broccoli, tofu and some nice rice. Ian enjoyed his chicken curry too so special shout out to that πŸ” served at 11pm our time which was strange but it filled our tums.

Views from the Dubai led to Entebbe. We passed over hundreds of square miles of dried up riverbeds. Breakfast was not as based as dinner but no compliants when it’s in the sky.

A smooth 6:30 hours later and we were back on the ground. Will’s friendo Vincent picked us in an awesome old Japanese-mobil mini van. We all jumped in for the final leg to the Red Chilli Hotel. Kampala traffic was brutal adding an extra 1:30 hours onto our transit.

We were very relieved to arrive at the hotel, stretch our legs, and head down to the pool for evening dips and drinks.

Never have rice and beans tasted so good! It was a very tasty meal, we were very happy beans. I hosted the pre-prepared Uganda quiz which you can try for yourself below! Around the dinner table we also devised an easy way to make sense of the massively inflated Ugandan currency. The notes are pretty jazzy with their colours and aminal pictures, so instead of referring to the thousands of dollars of value, we call them by their respective aminal pictures. So…

  • Crest – 500sH
  • Cobb – 1000sH
  • Fish – 2000sH
  • Birds nest – 5000sH
  • Bananas – 10000sH
  • Cow – 20000sH
  • Harambe (R.I.P) – 50000sH




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