Albums To Mine To – Soundtracks For Exploring No Man’s Sky


No Man's Sky_20160828213528.jpgEver since the hype train that is No Man’s Sky eventually arrived at the Playstation, it’s had a pretty rough time from all directions: players, bloggers, the furious gaming media. Basically anyone who hasn’t got all the moaning out of their system since Brexit has jumped aboard the NMS roast wagon. The negative propaganda shouting its way across internet blogs and message boards came close to crushing my excitement when it came to my purchase across the counter at CeX a week after release. This was a game promising a virtually (literally) infinite universe to wander and fly through marvelling at your leisure, rewriting what we thought we knew about the capabilities of open world gaming. I couldn’t dream of anything better. What do I like doing? Walking, exploring, drooling over pretty scenery and colour textures, unleashing my creativity naming solar systems. This is the game I had been waiting for. However, I’m not everyone, hence the backlash from a generation fine tuned in seeking out objectives armed with SMGs racing through explosions and ACTION IN YOUR FACE ACTION ATTACK SHOOT BLA BLA BLA.

Nonetheless, the developers still coded the capability to dance about trigger happy tearing shit up to piss off the metal box guardians of the universe and its procedurally generated creations. But why would you? Wouldn’t it be a much more etherial experience to glide blissfully through the technicolour palate of clever complicated algorithms building mountains, forests, lakes, orchards and caves of pretty planets? Yes. Yes it would, and yes it is. Oh and here’s some albums and EPs to stick into your ears whilst you explore:

Sound & Colour -Alabama Shakes

The Psychedelic Swamp – Dr Dog

Earth. Home. Destroyed – Dream Koala

Y Dydd Olaf – Gwenno

Plain Speaking – Scallops Hotel

Urban Flora – Alina Baraz

Endless – Frank Ocean (cough ‘torrent’ cough)

No Man's Sky_20160828215748.jpg
These are some of my favourite albums I’ve been enjoying this month, inside No Man’s Sky and outside in ‘real’ existance. If you’re looking for something to accompany some downtime, give them a try.







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