Daily Debrief: July 12th – Depp Attacks Crew Member And Giant Baby Trump To Visit London

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Federer Crashes Out Of Wimbledon In Five Set Thriller

In an unanticipated four hour marathon of twist and turns, South African number eighth seed Kevin Anderson broke the incredible 85 game win streak of the greatest tennis player of all time. Last year’s champion Federer took to the court yesterday for the quarter final of his defence of the British grand slam on court 1. The staging of the match away from his familiar palace of centre court came as a surprise to many, probably including the man himself. Pundits speculated this could have been to Federer’s disadvantage due to the more exposed windy conditions and greener court conditions on court number one. However, take nothing away from the incredible achievement of the big serving South African, smashing serves and returns back in excess of 130 mph.



Sadiq Khan Gives The Thumbs Up To Trump Baby Blimp Ahead Of Presidential Visit

The Labour mayor of London Sadiq Khan has permitted the flight of a 19-foot tall art project by activist Leo Murray protesting the presidential invitation of Donald Trump to the UK. The giant inflatable Trump baby balloon will be raised above parliment square between the hours of 9am and 11am next Friday. A campaign which raised £16,000 in support of the project won over the approval of the mayor and his team to authorise the protest.

Pic from: Trump Baby UK

The decision will likely stoke further fire under the relations between US and London relations. Donald Trump has been accused of multiple instances of islamaphobic comments directed at mayor Khan, in addition to retweets posted on the Trump twitter account of video properganda from the far-right group Britain first.



Egyptian Archeologists Make New Mummy Discovery

A huge black granite sarcophagus uncovered during a regulation excavation in preparation for building development is the largest to have been found in the city of Alexandria, located on the northern coast of Egypt. The accidental discovery has been dated back to between 305 and 30 BCE, and is a particularly precious find due to the history of plundering of tombs by criminals and thieves. Experts will attempt to carefully pry open the sarcophagus which analysis indicates has not been opened since it was closed thousands of years ago. Should they be worried about a mummy’s curse?



Johnny Depp Caught Cuffing Crew Worker

The movie star and perfume parador Johnny Depp has further sullied his public image after an altercation with a location manager on the set of his latest film. Filming was taking place back in February of this year for City Of Lies, a crime thriller set in late 90s Los Angeles investigating the murders of rap legends Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. The location manager on set was required to wrap filming for the day after an already extended filming lisence. The manager attempted to resolve the issue with an on-site police officer when he alleges he was confronted by an aggressive Depp shouting expletives who then went on to strike the gentlemen twice in the ribs. Puzzlingly, Depp offered the victim $100,000 to physically retaliate, which was not reciprocated before the actors bodyguards restrained Depp.

The star renound for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the hit franchise Pirates of The Carribean has been embroiled in a number of court cases over recent years, including a domestic abuse case against his former partner Amber Heard and sitting beside her as she issued a video apology for illegally taking their a dogs into Australia.



Research Reveals Open-Plan Offices Reduce Employee Collaboration

It appears that open-plan does not equal greater face-to-face interaction of employees, contrary to popular belief. Researchers Ethan Bernstein and Stephen Turban from Harvard Business School and Harvard University investigated the role of open-office environments and employee interaction among 52 workers at a Fortune 500 company global headquarters. The company planned to redevelop an entire office space to transition to an open-plan office workspace. Their striking results uncovered that in-person interactions fell by an incredible 73% after the office redesign, and seemingly to compensate, instant-messaging and email network usage soared by 67% and 75% respectively.

Their findings support previous investigations into the psychology of working environments and the human neccesasity for private spaces and a feeling of control and ownership over ones space.

Although other factors apart from the office redesign could have influenced the results, this is nonetheless an inciteful reminder that an open office environemt is not the be all and end all of a workplace utopia.

Where are you most productive? Do you prefer open-plan workspaces or creating your own creative hideaway? Let me know in the comments!

Open-plan offices drive down face-to-face interactions and increase use of email



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