A Few Words on Fall

As soon as it all began, the season of festivals, fun at the beach and long lays-ins has nearly come to a close. Well, maybe the late morning rises will continue. September is finally upon us. September is the month of filling your family car with all your worldly possessions and getting super excited to move into… Continue reading A Few Words on Fall


Recent Reads – August 2017

Being at university means having a lot, and I mean a-l-o-t, of free time. This is especially true for my psychology course which for the past two years at Portsmouth has allotted me no more than 7 hours of classes a week. I know right, who said uni was harder than A-levels? No one, and… Continue reading Recent Reads – August 2017

Taking Out The Cache (a 2017 reboot)

Gifted bulbs lighten unobtrusive primary colours above my musical disk scratcher, spinning a sweetly thicc catalogue of beats following the holidays. It is with these occipital and auditory sensation cakes, with a smoking tail of Egyptian Jasmine, that I welcome you to January twenty-seventeen. My fingers tap warily unto this computer keyboard, the brittle phalangelical extensions… Continue reading Taking Out The Cache (a 2017 reboot)

Albums To Mine To – Soundtracks For Exploring No Man’s Sky

  Ever since the hype train that is No Man's Sky eventually arrived at the Playstation, it's had a pretty rough time from all directions: players, bloggers, the furious gaming media. Basically anyone who hasn't got all the moaning out of their system since Brexit has jumped aboard the NMS roast wagon. The negative propaganda… Continue reading Albums To Mine To – Soundtracks For Exploring No Man’s Sky

Day 5 – Haunted Lake Lodges – Uganda In Pictures

About time for another one of these I reckon. Welcome to Day five of our mental African road trip. The morning began damp from the onslaught of the torrential electric night works courtesy of our new best friend, African weather, which did not make the early start routine any sweeter than we had come to know. The… Continue reading Day 5 – Haunted Lake Lodges – Uganda In Pictures

OnePlus 3 Camera Focus

Every day we compulsively share every minute detail of anything which could be deemed remotely interesting that comes smashing into our retina as we frolic out and about playing the game of who can not die the longest. We frantically tap to convert these experiences into binary code and radio frequencies sent flying over the interweb in time to hit the lunch… Continue reading OnePlus 3 Camera Focus

Day 4 – The Most AMAZING Game Drive! – Uganda In Pictures

Day 4 and our alarms sounded for the standard 5:30am call. It was still pitch black at this time. The sun rises very slowly, with the sky usually clouding over with a light mist wafting about the countryside. We woke to be greeted by the first view of where we had actually been 'camping'. Turns out we were situated… Continue reading Day 4 – The Most AMAZING Game Drive! – Uganda In Pictures

Day 3 – We Hit The Road! – Uganda In Pictures

We were up before the sun on day 3. The land cruisers were scheduled to pick us up from the hotel to begin our travels north through Uganda at seven in the am. It definitely wasn't easy getting up that early considering our relative lack of sleep on two plane journeys! Nevertheless we washed before… Continue reading Day 3 – We Hit The Road! – Uganda In Pictures

Day 2 – Sim Cards And Acclimatisation – Uganda In Pictures

Day 2 was a late start as we caught up on travel sleeps. There were a few errands to run in Kampala, so we caught a taxi early. We grabbed some Africell sims between us and withdrew the remaining shillings for the tour. Backseat tour selfie on the way back to Red Chilli. The roads… Continue reading Day 2 – Sim Cards And Acclimatisation – Uganda In Pictures

Day 1 – Flying Out – Uganda In Pictures

Welcome to Uganda (through the medium of picture through my blog!) We touched down in Entebbe yesterday and spent today doing admin things in prep for our mega cross country tour! I thought the best way to document our trip would be via annotated pictures from our day. This way I can quickly update you… Continue reading Day 1 – Flying Out – Uganda In Pictures