I Bought A Phone You’ve Never Heard Of (And It’s Pretty Good So Far!)

[WARNING - I apologise in advance for the excessive geekiness concerning the subject-of and terminology-in this post. I am unashamedly a big nerd) Say hello to the brand new phone from the budget flagship hopeful created by the team at Chinese startup OnePlus, the chronologically named OnePlus 3. This relatively unknown phone company has been making ripples in… Continue reading I Bought A Phone You’ve Never Heard Of (And It’s Pretty Good So Far!)


Some Words From A Waterstones

The clinking of china. The rustling of rainjackets. The hum of the expresso machine. The crunch of toasted hullumi flatbread. Young chums chatting and laughing on their lunch breaks. Elderly couples content in their seperate company completing crosswords and perusing newspapers in peace over an Amricano. The cries of a disturbed infant, luckily at a… Continue reading Some Words From A Waterstones

5 – Europe Via Rail – Vatican Antics

Today I awoke energised thanks to the generous lay in we gifted ourselves, much needed after our ancient monument trek the previous day. Funny Palace did good to partner up with a café round the block for a brekky pastry and drink on the house, which at least gave us some cause to rise at a respectable time!… Continue reading 5 – Europe Via Rail – Vatican Antics

The Most Incredible Cornish Views

Yesterday began as each day has done this past week - steadily. Starting with my tired overslept corpse sliding out of bed way later than a man with a to-do list as long as mine should, just in time for lunchfast. Actually, I'm going to conduct a quick poll here, because I've been getting plenty of stick from flatmates… Continue reading The Most Incredible Cornish Views

My Dream Living Space (a Sims Obsession Confession)

Throwback to school year nine (so around age fourteen)  to a number of months where me and my iPad became inseperable. Previously I had gone through a probably unhealthy obsession with Animal Crossing Wild World on my stormtrooper white DSi. I would sit for hours bimbling around digging for fossils, bobbing along the beach catching Red Snappers, and arranging… Continue reading My Dream Living Space (a Sims Obsession Confession)

An Evening @ Birthdays – Queen City StoopKids // Milo // Open Mike Eagle

Ever since I heard the sweet philosophical tones of the young rapper Rory Ferreira (Milo) interviewed on The Wandering Wolf Podcast back in early 2015, I have become a devout listener of his discography. He was one of a number of American rappers working closely together and featuring on each others LPs. Those who have… Continue reading An Evening @ Birthdays – Queen City StoopKids // Milo // Open Mike Eagle

4 – Europe Via Rail – When In Rome, Get Lost And See Old Things

We woke to the tune of A$AP Ferg as Liam's alarm reminded us to ready ourselves for arrival in Rome bob on 6am. It seemed like an eternity for him to silence said alarm so we were definitely all awake by the second chorus. Luckily the Italian man we had shared the carriage with that night was… Continue reading 4 – Europe Via Rail – When In Rome, Get Lost And See Old Things

3 – Europe via Rail – The Sacre Coeur And A Day Train To Turin

Day 2 was an early start woken by the busy rush hour traffic on the streets below. The French seem to get way too much gratification through using their car horns in stationary traffic. We had to be checked out by ten anyway so that's just me on my quiet rural high horse having a moan.… Continue reading 3 – Europe via Rail – The Sacre Coeur And A Day Train To Turin

2 – Europe via Rail – The Journey Begins in Paris

So before we knew it July 19th came and it was the penultimate day before we could finally put our months of planning and anxious double checking of train reservations into action. We were spending the night at Liam's house getting all excited and cross checking everyone else's clobber, just to make sure we haven't missed anything vital… Continue reading 2 – Europe via Rail – The Journey Begins in Paris

1 – Europe via Rail – The Planning and Packing

Here in this black bag-battered notebook of destiny containing the daily ruminations of a sweaty eighteen year-old, who squeezed a gap year into 22 days in the summer of 2015, backpacking through Europe's cities with three of his best pals. By the way I am said sweaty boy/man. The rememberances in this little book along… Continue reading 1 – Europe via Rail – The Planning and Packing