Day 2 – Sim Cards And Acclimatisation – Uganda In Pictures

Day 2 was a late start as we caught up on travel sleeps. There were a few errands to run in Kampala, so we caught a taxi early. We grabbed some Africell sims between us and withdrew the remaining shillings for the tour.


Backseat tour selfie on the way back to Red Chilli. The roads are pretty gnarly in Kampala. There’s a chorus of the honking of car horns left right and centre as mini buses let their presence be known to the hundreds of boda bodas snaking between the mishmash lanes of traffic. To sum up the mayhem, if there isn’t enough lanes for you on the roads of Kampala…you make your own one. 


Sorting out money for the tour meant pool time was restricted. The tour company representative had a problem with the condition of our dollar bills (in Uganda dollars are not an accepted currency, but the tours accept dollars due to exchange rates). We were under the impression any dollar will do…apparently not. Dollars had to be as new a condition as possible, be printed after the year 2006 and be either $10 or $20 notes. This caused some problems which aren’t interesting enough to explain. Just know that later on in the tour it all sorted itself out, thank goodness.

Despite the finance distraction, there was enough time for a dive in the splash from Will, Ian and Liam. We didn’t stray too far from it in the end! Many drinks (at a tasty £1 each if you convert for the exchange rate) were enjoyed with pizza, a carrot burger for me (delicious) and the classic rice and beans for Jas. Despite sitting outside we avoided bug bites with copious spraying . We chatted and laughed the night away under the stars to the background of all sorts of insects chirping away in the fields as far as the eye could see.


We tucked ourselves away for an early 5:30am start tomorrow morning. However, our room mate Gavin the gecko had a busy night of scuttling for buggos ahead of him.

2016-07-09 02.57.56 1.jpg

Tommo beautifully modelled our mosquitoes bed nests

2016-07-09 02.47.27 1.jpg


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